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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

the Sushi Review - 18 and Asian Sushi Bar

the Sushi Review - 18 and Asian Sushi Bar

The Sushi Review:
18 Asian and Sushi Bar
9935 Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277 
(704) 845-1801

The location of this sushi spot is ideal for those living in or around South Charlotte. Located at 9935 Rea Rd. near the Blakeney area, it is in the perfect place for an early dinner or an after-shopping unwind. The d├ęcor is very attractive and the staff is friendly. My main divochka and I sat at the bar because it looked very inviting and cozy in a display of contemporary style. It is also typically the best way to get faster service for 1 to 3 people and ask any questions about the menu to get an immediate answer.

We ordered several different varieties of Maki rolls, including the infamous "Soundboy Roll" (ask for the Philly roll - tempura) and they were all above average. The tempura was done in the crispy-crumble style as opposed to the overly-rich batter fried style, which is healthier I'm sure. The negative reviews that I read about their sushi prior to my visit were about the rice being "mushy". These were from people who were probably used to dried-out rolls or pieces with under-cooked rice. However, that is how some people actually enjoy their sushi and I say to each his/her own. Much of the material we (especially as writers) share about our experiences is subjective. Opinions will of course vary from one individual to the next, so it's best to identify with the author as much as possible.

The beer selection was good and the house Sake was great - when it was hot, so don't fool around and let it cool off too much. The big can of Sapporo can split 2 ways and chases the Sake with ease. My recommendations are the "Green Monster Roll" if you are an avocado fan, or play it safe with the spider roll and the shrimp tempura. Overall the sushi was good and the atmosphere was very inviting. The ambient music was not bad, but a great soundtrack could really turn this spot into a "must try". The prices are slightly above average compared to some other places in the area but that is a reflection of the area itself. Compared to Uptown, Midtown or SouthPark however, the prices are very reasonable. Overall, I recommend it.

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Skip Pulley - Editor in Chief

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